NEW!!!   ALIGNMENT & ENERGETICS drop-in classes | Ranelagh          
An exciting combination of yoga explorations that will give your practice depth and precision and you a more complete understanding of why you're doing what you're doing.
You can choose between two levels:
THURSDAY evenings Level 1-2 if you want to explore depth in more basic and well known asanas and subtle practices.
SUNDAY evenings Level 2-3 if you want to grow into more advanced and complex practices.
These classes blend two sides harmoniously into a super rich learning environment. In a super accesible athmosphere learn about movement mechanics, easy to understand anatomy, skillful alignment of your body within yoga asans and appropriateness of effort. Then dive step by step into the world of subtle Yoga Practices such as detailed breathwork, mudras, bandhas and meditation. We'll break everything down into easy accessible steps and discuss why we do what we do. You don't have to have any subtle yoga experience.
These classes are designed to supplement your reguar drop-in classes and build a solid foundation of your understanding of yoga. We've got two levels so you can pick where you want to join in...
These clases are for you if you... 
- want  more understanding in and of your practice but you don't want to become a yoga teacher
- want to prepare yourself well for an upcoming teacher training
- are an existing yoga teacher and want to brush up on detailed anatomy and momevent knowledge and/or learn how to teach subtle anatomy to your students
ALIGNMENT & ENERGETICS drop-in classes @ Yoga Dublin Ranelagh
Level 1-2 | 8.30-9.30 | THURSDAYS  NEW!!!
Level 2-3 | 5-6 |  SUNDAYS   (used to be grow your flow) 
Looking forward to help you find more skill and depth in your practice!