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A once off manual that is hand crafted and designed uniquely for you, to help you step into the flow of life by leveraging your unique mechanics.

The Design Guide is a 30+ page personalised guide to help you translate your specific Human Design into life. Practical steps, potent information and a beautiful design flow into a manual that is accessible, inspiring and here to empower.

The Design Guide highlights how uniquely designed you are to communicate, make specific decisions, cultivate opportunities and so much more, in your own specific way.

  • Learn to make aligned decisions that feel great

  • Navigate opportunities smoothly

  • Leverage your strength in work & relationships

  • Overcome your blindspots and shadows that are stalling your flow 

  • Successfully collaborate with people designed differently than you

  • Find your unique position and contribution in life

  • Understand how to keep yourself in the flow and stay well nourished

The Design Guide can be used as a personal tool, it also makes a brilliant gift for those of your mates that are on the same path as you and it can also be super insightful for those of you who run a team of people at work and have one for each member.

Since I create the Design Guide one by one for you, specific to your individual HumanDesign, there is a four week waiting period until it is delivered to your inbox. If you are in a rush for a specific reason, just e-mail me and I see to get yours done as you need it.


The Design Guide is such a great way to earn more about Human Design through your own specific mechanics. It can be a great follow up step to the 'Intro to HumanDesign workshop' but can also be accessed right away without any prior knowledge since it is so grounded and accessible.

Important: You’ll need your birth time, date and place!

I'll be in touch with you after your booking to get those details of you. If you don't have an exact birth time, use 12pm noon.


30+ PAGES / €85