What is Human Design?

Human Design offers a clear and concise pathway to understanding your own uniqueness. It teaches us about our own internal geometry and how highly individual our mechanics really are. 

It is based on your birth details (time, place and date) and is both, super accessible yet layered with dimensionality. Its language is super relatable and designed to create clarity and grounding.
Human Design does not ask you to believe in anything but offers you practices that you can try out and see for yourself how they bring you back into alignment with who you really are and through that into the flow of life.

A good starting point are my 'Intro to Human Design' workshops which I run most months and 'Human Design 2.0' workshops where you can go deeper. Here is some information on them.


If you want to learn about your own specific Design, I recommend you check out my 'Design Guide' which is 30+ page hand designed and specific to you, one-of-a-kind manual to help you understand and live your design.

The DESIGN GUIDE - a personal manual
ASTROLOGY SESSIONS - private deep dives
BLUEPRINT SESSIONS - astrology workshops