This is our 8th year of this retreat but first time online. We’ve grown up together so let’s come together during these times and activate what we’ve always known to be true!
Four unique experiences woven into one retreat. Each class includes breathwork, meditation, reflective journaling and, of course, juicy embodiment practices all designed to help you digest and process these times with love, attention and curiosity!

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE TIME, YOU'LL RECEIVE A VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDING, allowing you to repeat the process in your own time at home.
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"At the heart of every one of my offerings lies the intention to inspire you to live life with courage, openness and integrity.

It is my hope that each class in its own unique way will offer you a space to slow down, digest life and re-discover the ways

in which your own potential is ready to express itself into life. "