What is private tuition?

Private tuition is basically a yoga class that has been specifically designed for your needs. We all have different bodies with different challenges. Sometimes we plateau, sometimes we get injured and sometimes we lose inspiration. 

A private class acknowledges all those aspects and celebrates your individuality through sequences and practices which have been hand picked to perfectly support your body and mind.

You'll receive plenty of personalised tips and hands-on-assists (think yoga-massage) throughout the class as well as a take-home practice sheet. A private class can propel your practice forward, clarify teachings and reignite the fire within.

How does it all work?

A usual private class takes between 60-90minutes. However 30minutes appointments have become quite popular lately. Basically you let me know what you want and how much time you have available and we'll take it from there.

Oftentimes an individual class is enough to get the fire going again and sort minor mis-alignment in the body. However if you have a bigger injury or simply want to enjoy regular personalised tuition we can get you going on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule.

I work out of the YOGA LODGE in Germany as well as nearby studios in Dublin. If you prefer the convenience of your own office or home, I am happy to arrange appointments to suit your lifestyle.

Could a private class be for me?

I have a wide range of private clients who all have different reasons for working with me. 

Seasoned practitioners and teachers often want to refine their practice and find new challenges. Complete beginners enjoy the detailed groundwork we lay together. Busy professionals arrange lunchtime classes in their offices and mothers ask me to their homes while the children are asleep. 

Many of my clients work on recovering from injury, want to learn a specific pose or breathwork or simply enjoy treating themselves to the luxury of having the teachers full attention focused on their personal needs and wishes.

How much does a private class cost?


The cost for a regular private yoga class:  €30/30min, €60/60min, €90/90min

Special prices for a bundle of six classes:  €300 (60min) and €450 (90min) 

Semi-Privates: (if you want to share a class with one other person)

The cost for a semi-private yoga class:  €80/60min, €120/90min

Special prices for a bundle of six semi-privates: €420 (60min) and €660 (90min)

Private Group Classes: (round up a few girlfriends or get the office on board)

Prices for corporate or other small group classes depend on numbers of participants.

Simply drop me a brief e-mail and I'll get back to you with a quote.

A small additional fee for travel costs apply to long-distance visits.

Please ask prior to booking.

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