Cross-Roads are opportunities for deep re-alignment and reclamation.

They are invitations to grow into a greater level of self-sovereignty, purpose and expression. 


We all experience them but not always distill the full potential out of them. 

In a highly bespoke and personal setting we look through the lens of Astrology we explore the connections between the real-world situations, choice points or cross-roads that you are experiencing and how to navigate those for greater alignment, authenticity and flow with yourself.

It is my intention to both, stretch your imagination & awareness and at the same time keep it super relatable, grounded and actionable.


  • is at a cross-road stage in their life 

  • needs deeper understanding of what actually is going on and where the potential lies

  • desires to navigate a choice point with perspective and context

  • wants to access growth in a deeply conscious and expansive way

  • is ready to distill wisdom from a contractive experience they are or have been navigating

  • wants to birth the next step in their own evolution

  • is ready to reclaim a new aspect of their potential


Each session has a lead-in time where you get to reflect on where you are in life and what exactly the ’issue’ is that you want us to work with.

During the session we go deep into the subject and your own personal dynamics, so you get to reclaim and nuance aspects of yourself in higher frequency and clarity.

After the session there is an integration period that is supported by a workbook and some journaling to help you really anchor in the new understandings of who you are and where you’re heading next.

For the session I’ll need your exact birth time, date & place.


  • These sessions are deeply self-reflective

  • They ask of you to stay in your own power

  • I’m your guide, translator, space holder but your participation and sharing is vital.

  • My role is to empower you by highlighting dynamics and potential, so you can take well informed and conscious decisions.

  • I don't predict the future or tell you what to do. That would be undermining your own genius.

  • I see Astrology as a tool for understanding ourselves better, so we can reclaim forgotten parts, step into personal power, grow in our life purpose and act in the world as an agent for positive change.


  • A welcome audio to initiate the process

  • Key questions to help you clarify and distil what it is you want from this session

  • A 60min personal session with me on zoom, recorded for you to keep

  • A workbook to help you integrate and anchor in the new understandings



  • A loving, respectful and deeply caring environment

  • To feel seen, heard and never judged.

  • To feel stretched and expanded at times.

  • A space that is healing and clarifying

  • A collaborative approach 

  • Dialogue vs. monologue 

  • Questions throughout i.e. on how things land, how you experience certain dynamics etc.

  • Room for you to share your experiences, thoughts, view points.



€111. Booking via PayPal link. Session 60min via zoom + recordings to keep.


Once your PayPal payment has come through I’ll be in touch to ask for your birth details (date, place & time) and we’ll set a date/time for your session.

What others thought...

I am blown away by what I learned in the session. It was so affirming and helpful. - Karen G.

A rare and beautiful invitation to step more fully into your life. - Katie

In a world of unknowns, BiBi gently empowers you to step into a deeper expression of yourself. She is incredibly intuitive with a gift for communicating what you always struggled to express. I cannot recommend this session enough. - Grace Fuller


This is a super practical and pragmatic session aimed at increasing flow in your life across the board. If you feel stuck, stagnant, frustrated or burnt out, at work, in relationships, career, health or love, this session is like a breath of fresh air, by helping you identify and transform aspects of your everyday life where things feel sticky and you act out of alignment with your own dynamics. It helps you map out how to live, work and love from a place of sustainable flow with surprisingly small yet concrete adjustments.

If you are curious about investigating the bigger themes in your life such as your Soul Purpose, 'Why you are here?' and 'What it is you bring uniquely to the table?' then this session offers you so much depth. Every once in a while we are called to pause, question life, our direction and what it is all about and this session aids you during these times. A deep dive that explores the different layers, cycles and energies that weave together into your SoulJourney. This session isn't design to do the work for you, however, it is a potent guiding light in aiding you, in connecting the dots, when making sense of your life's purpose.

If you believe in relationships that are on fire, whether love or friendship, then this session is for you. In a super pragmatic and relatable way we explore ways in which you can support one another, make space for each other and better understand each other, so that your relationship can be a source of strength, support, love and fun. We look at what you are here to teach each other and how to avoid unnecessary complications, so you can enjoy each other with more openness and curiosity.

These are designed to bring humanity, sustainability and creativity into the corporate setting. Highly bespoke sessions, tailored to the exact size and need of your team. We look at how to best leverage each individual's capacity and how to best weave your players into a web that doesn't burn out the individual whilst still maximising creativity and productivity. These sessions are surprisingly pragmatic. Whenever people are truly heard and their strength is fully incorporated, motivation and productivity are a natural by-product. These sessions are also great for sports teams and families and can be a stand alone session or progressively layered. 


  • Each session is bespoke and tailored exactly to your needs.

  • Each in person session is 60min long, via Zoom/online and requires on your birth details (date, place & time).

  • Recordings are available as downloads and for you to keep.



Once your PayPal payment has come through I’ll be in touch to ask for your birth details (date, place & time) and we’ll set a date/time for your session.

more Testimonials

This was a beautiful reading, my first ever and resonated deeply with me. It was affirming, healing and thought provoking. Thank you Sibylle. - Helen James

WOW, I seriously took so much from it and it has helped me to really feel grounded in the way I am approaching things with work and other areas too. It felt like a permission slip to go to those depths. - Jenny 

My astrology reading with BiBi was nothing short of extraordinary. Her interpretation of my chart was thought-provoking, insightful and inspirational. I’ve found myself reflecting on it many times over the last few weeks, and I have no doubt I will continue to carry her reading with me in the future. Sibylle is truly gifted, and I am so grateful for the experience. - Aleka Woods

Still buzzing after my latest reading with BiBi.  Her insight and articulation of my chart was simplified enough for me to understand yet deeply profound. These readings offer a greater awareness of energetic shifts and patterns and help me to orient myself with increased purpose.  Looking forward to making these sessions a regular part of my life. - Áine Kerrigan

I really enjoyed the reading, you have such a genuine down to earth nature that made it all so much more accessible. The reading felt so accurate and I could relate completely, which made it so much more potent. At the same time there were powerful pointers of awareness that I have been digesting and will use as guides to enable me to live my life with more awareness and compassion for myself. - Erica Tracey

I would recommend a reading by BiBi to anyone who wants to learn about themselves. You will learn things that on one level you always knew, but were missing the language or methodology to express it. - Karen M.

This was such a wonderful experience which has given my personal growth and life journey a direction as it resonated so much with me. I feel I have been given the map to my soul and it has helped me become unstuck. From the reading I felt understood and I now understand, why I am who I am. BiBi, as always, was enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate. - Lesley Anne

BiBi has such a beautiful energy and it was such an affirming experience. - Karen

I'm so excited to keep working with everything that came up during the session. A lot of it felt like clarification, a lot of it gave words to things I hadn't realised I was aware of, but it all clicked and it all made sense.  - Niamh

BiBi, in her beautiful and gentle way, took such care and time in her explanations It was an incredible experience where I not only learnt only learnt about astrology and my chart, but also about who I am and the possibilities I have.  - Caoimhe O'Malley


I recently had two readings with BiBi, one for myself and one for my young son. I've had readings before so I somewhat knew what to expect but even so I was blown away. From start to finish I felt grounded, safe and calm which allowed me to really listen to what BiBi was saying. I had provided some information on what I wanted covered however I feel like BiBi intuitively knew the I was seeking and she focused on that. She reminded me of who I am and the reason for the things that are coming my way. I am already looking forward to my next reading! Thank you. - Kylie Livesey

It was such a revealing and awe inspiring experience; truly amazing how you were revealing qualities of myself to me that somewhat I wasn't aware of until you said them, yet when you did it was so clear! Quite taken aback by the whole thing in the most fantastic way! - Katie McGuire

I came to a reading with BiBi at a time when I had lost all direction and focus, throughout the course of our chat she helped me see patterns of behaviour and learn how to work with my own energy rather than fight against it. I came away with a deeper understanding of myself and a renewed sense of energy. - Aisling O'Toole

She is so generous with her knowledge and experience and passes this on in such a caring manner. It feels quiet empowering to now begin to understand myself in a very new way, Realising what I can do to better nourish myself and work to find more balance and clarity in the world around me.  - Hannah Buckley