Stretch your Imagination

Sometimes we get so caught up in our perceptions of what is realistic, what is possible and what we think we are able to achieve. Most of that stems from how we live everyday life. And let’s be honest, day to day living can be a drag at times. No judgement here.
The problem only arises when you allow your every day existence to dictate and limit your ability to dream. Because when you stop dreaming you cut yourself off from what’s possible. You cut yourself off the natural need of human beings to grow, expand and explore what we are made of. Expanding and growing is a human need and when it gets unfulfilled we get edgy, disheartened and lose the love for life.
It’s a simple case of your Dream Catcher Muscles have gotten a little tight….just as your hamstrings would after a long run. No need to panic, we’ll stretch them out with this little visualisation practice:
  • settle down, close your eyes and take three slow breaths

  • now think of something that is truly impossible for you i.e. flying to space, being the “prima ballerina” in the Bolshoi

  • now stretch your imagination until you can see yourself achieving the impossible. hang with this picture for a while. notice how you feel in this dream. notice your smiles, your excitement, the adrenaline flushing your body

  • keep the smiles and slowly come back to reality

Whenever we stretch for the truly impossible all those other things we thought were impossible all of a sudden become more accessible. If your dream catcher muscles need some more stretching and you’d like to free up some more dreams, I have my SOULFIRE retreat coming up in February where you'll get plenty of time to stretch those dream catcher muscles. For more info click right here…..
Sibylle xx


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