The ME I want to BE

I just wanted to touch base with you and aks whether you have ever had this strange feeling that you feel slightly out of alignment with the life you were meant to lead? This strange feeling that emerges when you give in to doing things which you feel unsure about. You say yes but really, every cell of your being screams no. You say yes because it’s the easier way, because it will make you more friends in the office, because it’s what others expect of you. Don’t worry, it’s normal, we’ve all done it…’s just that somehow it doesn’t quite sit right, it leaves a strange after taste, right?!
While we always want to stay open in life to some outside influences, it is so important that we learn to become more determined from the inside. What I mean by that is, to learn to set our own standards of living, our own values and our own expectations for and of ourselves.
Too often we spend time worrying what other may think of us and how we are being received by our peers instead of developing a picture of ourselves based on who we’d like to be. Waking up in the morning and genuinely being proud of who we are, how we show up in life. This doesn’t guarantee that everything will always go smoothly but it will mean that you can sleep sound and you’ll be at peace with yourself, which is half the rent in this hectic and challenging life.
So sit down this week and think about what your values really are. What kind of person do you want to be?
Keep it fun, keep it playful.
Sibylle xx


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