Are you asking the right people?

Good morning you!
I bet you’ve got a dream..., not the one you had last night where you were sipping martini in a boat riding the amazon river.
I’m talking about your idea to open that business, to go traveling, to re-do the entire house, to follow your true calling and change jobs....
...the dream you keep stashing away, hiding from everyone including yourself.
It’s time to bring it out! In fact right now you’ve got the stars backing you. But without wondering too much off into Astrology and the subtler energies at work, take it from me that this time of year would create a super rich soil for your dreams. An ideal time to plant those seeds and watch them grow.
Scared? You are not alone. Whenever we want to tackle a dream that actually means something to us, we need reassurance. The problem is, we look for reassurance in all the wrong places. We share our ideas with our parents, our friends, people at work, the girls on a night out.....
...but sharing your dreams with your loved ones may not always be the best idea.
Why? Well, your loved ones want to keep you safe and because they’ve never seen anyone making a living taking pictures of flowers in the amazon, they believe it’s impossible. And because they believe it is impossible they will advise you against it because ultimately they want to keep you from making a big mistake.
But what if you were to talk to a photographer who specialised in amazonian flowers? I bet she would have a different view on the possibility of your dream. She would be a great person to talk to to find out about the real pitfalls and how to go about it...
...see where I’m going with this!
So my first take away for today is....
.... ASK THE RIGHT PEOPLE. Instead of asking people who really have no experience/interest/expertise in the field you are exploring, look for reassurance, a boost of confidence or just some plain and straightforward advice from people who have already successfully done what you are planing on doing. Read their biographies, check their websites, take their online-courses or simply call them up for a chat.
And pionter number two is...
... to make sure NOT BE A DREAM STEALER to others. Just because you cannot imagine your friends dream becoming a reality doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.
As always I’d love to hear from you. So please share with me some of the dreams you haven’t tackled yet and let’s support each other in going after what we truly want.....
With love,
Sibylle xx

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