Is food keeping you from being your best?

I’m sure you’ve got great things planned for this year and plenty of decisions to make. Well, did you know how much the food you eat affects the quality of decisions you make and through them your actual future?
For a long time I......“kind of knew”......”in theory”......but I didn’t really understand nor did I want to believe that my moods, my happiness and the quality of my decisions were so susceptible to the food I ate.
I mean really? Who would like to think that the quality of their lunches shapes the quality of their relationships? Who is daring enough to entertain the idea that the quality of their dinners impacts their next promotion?
But here is the thing. If you live you life out of a food-come either by being so tired that not even a double espresso can get you going in the morning or that you are so hyped up by a sugar spike that you are a walking time-bomb each afternoon...either way you are not at your best. And when you aren’t at your best, how you behave, what you do, the messages you give out, consciously and unconsciously, aren’t leading you to the 2015 you had in mind.
So let’s re-frame this.....your yoga class can only do so much for you if you are unwilling to look at the effects that the food you eat have on your state of being during the rest of the day.
Personally, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a believer in following a particular plan. I read a lot, I try a lot and then I watch how things taste and how they make me feel. This has worked really well for me this past year.
So what I’d like you to for the next two weeks is.....whenever you eat something, in a restaurant or at home, keep your eyes open if something hits the double jackpot.....super tasty AND you feeling great afterwards. And then just write it down. As you come across new information, try it out, integrate it, if it works for you, if it hits the double jackpot, get it on the list if not, move on.
Within no time you’ll have a great list of “going out” options, “lunch-time” treats and “staying in” versions where you don’t have to compromise on taste nor suffer the unpleasant after-effects that keep you drowsy, moody, edgy, irritable and simply below your best.
I’m a big believer in making your own rules and I hope this works as well for you as it did for me.

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