Dare to dream

For a long time it has been my dream to create a retreat where we have the time, space and beautiful surroundings to go a bit deeper, to dig deep and discover what lies beneath those oh so familiar layers of stress, tension and sameness. I wanted to create something that lifted us out of our Groundhog-Day existence and connected us again with that fire inside, a passion for life that allows us to dream, stretch beyond our familiarities and discover life all over again. Now this dream has turned into a reality and I'm on my way to Morocco to make a few last minute preparations so that when everyone arrives we can dive straight into our SOULFIRE retreat.
The reason why I'm sharing this with you is to remind us all that behind everything you see, every shop, every market stall, right down to every lampshade that's in your house……behind everything you see, there has been someone's dream. Someone had an idea, a vision, a dream and then stayed committed to it until it became a reality.
Us human begins are powerful creators and familiarity, sameness, can be the biggest killer of creativity and our ability to dream. When you know what you can expect every part of you starts to shut down. When your brain knows what to do all of the time and never gets challenged to think in new ways, it looses it's power. If you stop changing and refining your workout, your body gets used to what you do and stops growing. If you never change your jobs and learn new skills your ability to create value will diminish and with it the next promotion or chance for a better income. If you never change things up in your relationship, if everything is predictable, enthusiasm and romance will say goodbye.
Sameness kills your ability to dream, to create. But…it doesn't have to be this way. I want you to go out this week and try something new EVERY DAY. Move out of your familiarity and change things up a bit. At the end of your week I want you to sit down with a cup of green tea or get your meditation cushion out or go for a walk or whatever else get's you into a nice place and ask yourself what dreams do you really have? What are the big ones that you've put off because the timing wasn't right, because you were afraid that they might not work out, because you told yourself that you are too busy right now, that you'll do it when the kids grow up, when there is more money in the bank, when you've got the right support……there is an endless amount of reasons why not to do something….BUT…there are just enough reasons why you should go for it.
The thing is, if you don't make a reality out of your dream, this dream will be forever lost. You are actually keeping not just yourself but your fellow human beings from experiencing your dream and from enjoying a happier and more powerful you.
The real question is what are you loosing out on by not going for it?So get your comfy backside out of the same-old-same-old and get cracking on those dreams.
Lots of love,

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