Start before you are ready!

Hey, you! Listen up, I’m talking to You. The You that wants to make stuff happen. The You that wants to create and make an impact in this world. The You that is passionate about life and knows that once it gets unleashed it will be going places.
Someday you say. Someday I’ll be ready and then I’ll take on the world! So what’s really holding you back? Have you’ve been telling yourself for way too long that you’ll start once you’ve got the time, the money, the right equipment, the right contacts....the list goes on. But guess what?
Truthfully, you’ll never be ready. There’s no such thing as being “ready.”
The right time to make your dreams happen is NOW!
There will always be something that is missing, that is not quite perfect, that needs refinement. Real expertise comes on the job, as you jump into the deep end. As you engage with the problem at hand, somehow you grow into being ready. Not beforehand! You’ll never feel you’ve got it all together.
Trust that 70% is enough to get going, the rest you can pick up along the way.
Most of us sit on our ideas, waiting to be ready and while we wait, we loose momentum, belief, confidence and mojo. I’m sure you can remember a project you initially were so excited about but while you waited to be ready one day, your excitement and with it your passion were all dying slowly until one day, you gave up and forgot about it all.
But not this time! Don’t wait until you feel ready because if you do, you are probably aiming too low.
The big question is...
...are you going to sit there, waiting your whole life to feel ready or are you going to get out there and make it happen NOW!

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