Stop Sabotaging your Efforts

Have you ever wondered why although you are putting all this effort in, you seem to turn in circles, never being able to achieve those dreams? Somehow you cannot shift those few extra pounds or nail that new job or save the deposit for your first apartment or rock that relationship.....

What’s happening here is that your dreams and the believes you hold in your subconscious mind (the ones you aren’t aware of) aren’t aligned with one another and so they work against each other. Your conscious mind tells you that you are so ready for more abundance in your life but that hidden believe, that money means headaches and pain, works away from your subconscious mind, sabotaging your efforts and reigning you in just before you get that break.

The problem is that the conscious part of our brain that can choose and select which believes are helpful and life-enhancing unfortunately isn’t as much in charge as we’d like to think. Our subconscious mind however, has no filter of what’s helpful or not, stores all our deep seated believes from our childhood. This part that cannot distinguish between helpful or not is running the show. It’s running our life.

So how do we get a grip on something we aren’t even aware of? You gotta dig deep to find the believes that are sabotaging your efforts. You’ve got to look at all those areas that are slightly off and see what’s holding you back there. Chances are that the very same believes are sabotaging other areas of your life. too.

As always, I’d love to hear from you and your journey....


Live your Dreams

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