I've designed these workshops to offer a place for teachers where you can REFINE YOUR TEAHCING SKILLS, GET INSPIRATION, CONNECT WITH COLLEAGUES as well as enjoying room to explore and DEVELOP YOUR INDIVIDUAL TEACHING STYLE.
I strongly believe that each and every one of us brings simething different, something unique, something important into the fabric of what yoga is today. It's not about forcefully trying to be different but working hard on upskilling, on precision in technique and depth of understanding so we can teach with more ease and confidence. As a result our teachings become more potent and relevant whilst our own unique views and experiences in the classrom will shine through.
It is my intention with these workshops to serve you with precise and specific tools as well as plenty of freedom to explore and integrate what you've learnt into your own way of teaching. Each workshop is a densly packed IMMERSION STYLE into a specialty area. Each workshop combines different TOOLS to help you grow. Each workshop will add another LEVEL OF DEPTH and EXPERTICE to your craft. 
See what resonates most and work from there. If you have any questions or concerns whether these workshops are suitable, simply drop me an e-mail to and I'll get back to you right away. 
All workshop hours are eligebel and count towards necessary hours for your Yoga Alliance Continued Educational Record.
All workshops are held at Yoga Dublin Ranelagh
I'm so excited to work with you because it takes every single one of us to drive and shape the potency, clarity and relevance of yoga in the modern world.
Develop potent and safe hands-on-assists! 
February 25 | Ranelagh | 2-5pm | book your place here
This is an immersion style workshop designed for teachers who wish to learn safe and confident hands-on-assists.  This workshop will help you develop the understanding, skills and confidence to assist your students in a safe, sustainable and transformative way through tactile guidance.
Giving good adjustments is an ‘art’ which requires skills, subtlety and an understanding of the mechanics of the body. This workshop blends handson exploration with theory, demonstration and anatomy to cultivate a deeper experience and understanding of the workings of the body.
You’ll explore every facet of hands-on assisting, as we will break down the most effective assists for fundamental postures and transitions found in a vinyasa practice. You’ll gain confidence in techniques, as well as how to hold space for your students with comfort and positive energy. You’ll grow in your own personal practice by diving deeper into healthy alignment discussions.
Develop more confidence as a teacher and give your students the gift of a trained eye along with skilful and tactile support to help them grow in their own practice. I hope you can join me for this in depth exploration.    BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE...
Creating meaningful, safe and effective sequences for your classes!
March 25 | Ranelagh | 2-5pm | book your place here
This is a three hour workshop aimed at TEACHERS who want to grow more confident and creative in their own class sequencing. Intelligent class planning is key for keeping everyone in your class safe as well as creating tangible shifts in your students’ practice. 
In this workshop we’ll explore a range of different sequencing methods as well as how to best adjust your class planning for drop-ins, workshops, retreats and courses. We’ll talk about timing, pacing and how much or little detail is needed to create the most healing and impactful class experience for your students. You’ll learn to develop sequences that will move your students seamlessly from beginner stages to more advancing practices.
Expect detailed guidance, room for self-exploration and opportunities to discuss and share with others. This workshop will help you grow in confidence and develop your skills so you can serve your students better through interesting, relevant and safe classes that bring forth their innate strength and capacity to believe in themselves as well as fuelling your love for your craft.   BOOK YOUR PLACE
Develop potent and creative verbal cues for your classes!
April 29 | Ranelagh | 2-5pm | book your place here
This is a three hour immersion style workshop aimed at TEACHERS who wish to grow more potent and creative in their use of language (verbal cueing). In this workshop you’ll learn how to detect tendencies in your students’ practice and how to address those through the use of refined verbal instructions, developing a teaching language that not only is focused and potent but also intuitively authentic to you.
Finding your own unique expression as a teacher is a crucial part if you want to grow your own confidence at the top of the classroom as well as help your students relate to you and your teachings more fully.
Give your students the gift of a trained eye, combined with powerful instructions and watch how their practice begins to transform on every level. I hope you can join me for an in depth exploration into this oftentimes overlooked but most important aspect of teaching powerful classes.   BOOK YOUR PLACE
Create inspiring and potent themes for your classes, workshops & retreats.
May 13 | RANELAGH | 2-5pm | book your place here
This is a three hour workshop designed for teachers who wish to develop their ability to create more inspiring classes and connect to their students on a much more profound level. Learn the art of developing powerful, inspirational and relevant themes for your classes that come straight from your heart and have the potential to change lives.
Diving deep into personal reflections, group discussions and guided meditations to bring forth your most authentic voice and ideas. Learn how to dream big and give meaningful words to your most powerful thoughts and intentions and develop the skills to weave those ideas seamlessly into your classes to inspire, move and create significant shifts within your students.
Be guided to develop class descriptions and Bio’s for studios,your website and social media, that are clear and truly reflect your essence as a teacher, so students who need to hear what you’ve got to say can find you easily.   BOOK YOUR PLACE