SOULFIRE Wicklow Yoga Weekend  May 18-20, €375
A long weekend dedicated to nourishing your heart & soul. A space for you to digest life, release what you've outgrown and re-ignite that inner spark.
It is so important to take a step back every once in a while, to break out of the rat race and see the direction you are actually heading. This retreat is short enough to not take up any of your annual leave yet powerful enough to help you re-connect to what's important to you, to help you re-fuel and re-nourish and to help you reclaim a sense of lightness in your life.
This stunning rural retreat centre, only an hour away from Dublin, is a complete escape. Nestled within the Wicklow mountains and sandy beaches nearby this lovingly converted Barn and Georgian Farm house will help you relax, unwind and rekindle that inner spark.
Yoga & Retreat work:
Morning classes will be a gorgeous blend of vinyasa flow sequences highlighted purposefully with alignment work to help you deepen your practice. There will be an emphasis on the physical practice but we'll also explore meditation, heart-centered coaching tools and writing practices to help you clear out, de-bunk and re-connect to what is truly important to you.
Evening classes are much more mellow and relaxed. Gentle, restorative and yin yoga sequences will melt away physical tension, leaving you deeply relaxed and truly nourished. You'll experience yoga nidra sessions, guided visualisations and explorative writing to help you relax deeply and gain clarity in your heart and mind.
Retreat Schedule:
arrival from 5 in the afternoon......
7-9 yoga, meditation journaling (purposeful vinyasa flow with alignment work)
9 teas & chats
7.30-10 yoga, meditation, journaling (purposeful vinyasa flow with alignment work)
10 - 11 breakfast/brunch
11-4 time to yourself (sleeping, reading, going for a walk, optional group reiki work.....)
4-6.30 yoga, meditation, journaling (gentle, restorative & yin yoga with breath work)
7 dinner and chats 
7.30-10 yoga, meditation, journaling (purposeful vinyasa flow with alignment work)
10-11 breakfast/brunch
11-2 time to yourself (sleeping, reading, going for a walk, optional group reiki work.....)
2-4.30 yoga, meditation, journaling (gentle, restorative & yin yoga with breath work)
4.30 closing meditation
Please note that this is a sample schedule and changes can occure.
Food & Atmosphere:
Lovingly produced breakfast/brunch, snack and dinner creations will ensure you go well nourished throughout the weekend. If you have any allergies or special requirements get in touch and I'll make sure you are being well looked after.
The retreat is all about you taking time to nourish yourself. There are no dogmas, no group pressure and no agendas. So whether you want to spend some time by yourself or chat with others, this weekend will give you the neccessary space.
Most people tend to come alone, some bring friends but either way know that you'll feel at home in no time.
Some testimonials from past retreat attendees:
"Amazing from start to finish, it was a blissful few days away with no worries or pressure put on anyone to perform, you could just peel back the layers that are tightly woven together in today's dynamic society and be truly chilled in wonderful company." C.K. 
"I had an amazing time and loved every moment. I recommend this retreat to anyone who enjoyes yoga and is looking for some space to think and reflect." G.H.
"Sibylle is a world class teacher with the right emphasis on challenge, soul-searching, meditation, guidace and is a lovely person. The retreat gives you a new lease of life, it's a chance to step back from the day to day to revaluate where you are and where you want to be in your life and to rest! " Nicki R
May 18th-20th 2018
Monalea Barn, a lovingly converted Barn and Georgian Farm house nestled within the Wicklow Mountains. €375 per person sharing, price includes 2 nights accomodation, delicous vegetarian meals and treats, 5 yoga workshops/classes and optional reiki group sessions, meditative garden walks and a super supportive environment
Book your place:
Booking your place for this retreat is super easy. Simply use the PayPal link below to pay your non-refundable booking deposit of €150. Make sure you've double checked your dates before you book. If you need other option than PayPal get in touch with me directly as bank transfer is also an option.
Once your bookig has been processes I'll be in touch via e-mail (give me 24-48hrs) with more details.
The full amount is due May 2th 2018.