Yoga Teachers' Retreat, Wicklow  14th-16th October
Calling all teachers. This retreat is for you! Take a well deserved break from it all. Truly refill your resources and bathe yourself in dedicated yoga and healing work specifically designed for teachers, in order to resurface deeply inspired. 
For this retreat I've teamed up with my very good friend Roseleen McNally from to create a very special weekend for yoga teachers. Let us take you on a journey where we support you in skillfully navigating the sometimes tricky terrain of having to be an 'inspiring' yoga teacher. Through experiences that are expansive, heart centread and light, you leran to move from the daily struggle of trying to fill your classes, to consciously co-creating your life with ease and joy.
​A weekend designed to give you the tools to support yourself and your own practice in a completely new way, creating a foundation for a sustainable and empowered business and life.
Testimonials from teachers:
"Your classes make me want to put more and more into my own teachings."
"I'm feeling so inspired to create a space for others to experience that joy and inspiration."
"I've been reminded of how much I love yoga and what it means to me."
Retreat work:
Over the weekend bathe yourself in dedicated yoga and healing practices specifically designed to help you fall in love again with your own practice. Deepen your understanding of the subtle energies underlying your practice and let them bring you back into the essence of your craft, so you can become an even more confident and potent teacher.
Learn how to grow your business from the inside out, creating a sustainable platform for you and your students which fully embodies your values, your authentic self and your full potential. Equipped with the tools and experiences gained during the weekend you’ll open the doors to a more expansive, fulfilling and nourishing teaching experience as you move from lack and fear based thinking to abundance and fullness.
Join us on this truly organic process where purposefully designed yoga sequences, guided self-practice, breath work, meditation, journaling, group discussions, heart felt coaching along with energy healing, sacred rituals and amazing food create an environment that will feed you body, mind and spirit.
This stunning rural retreat centre, only an hour away from Dublin, is a complete escape. Nestled within the Wicklow mountains and sandy beaches nearby this lovingly converted Barn and Georgian Farm house will help you relax, unwind and rekindle that inner spark.   
Retreat Schedule:
5-       arrival from 5pm....
7-9     yoga, meditation, journaling, energy work (purposeful vinyasa flow with alignment work)
9         teas & chats
8.00-10.30    yoga (purposeful vinyasa flow & guided self-practice), meditation, journaling
10.30 - 11.30 breakfast/brunch
11.30-2           time to yourself (sleeping, reading, going for a walk,.....)
2-3                  meditation, journaling, energy work
3-5                  time to yourself (sleeping, reading, going for a walk,.....)
5-7.30             yoga (gentle, restorative & yin yoga), meditation, journaling, energy work 
8                       dinner and chats 
8.30-10.30     yoga (purposeful vinyasa flow with heart centred work), meditation, journaling
10.30 - 11.30 breakfast/brunch
11.30-1.30      time to yourself (sleeping, reading, going for a walk,.....)
1.30-4             yoga, meditation, journaling (purposeful vinyasa flow with alignment work)
4.30                 closing meditation
This is a sample schedule. Times and content may change slightly as we address group specificities...
Food & Atmosphere:
Lovingly produced breakfast/brunch and dinner creations will ensure you go well nourished throughout the weekend.
The retreat is all about you taking time to nourish yourself. There are no dogmas, no group pressure and no agendas. So whether you want to spend some time by yourself or chat with others, this weekend will give you the neccessary space.
Most people tend to come alone, some bring friends but either way know that you'll feel at home in no time.
Dates & Price:
October  14th-16th 2016, Monalea Barn, a lovingly converted Barn and Georgian Farm house nestled within the Wicklow Mountains.
Retreat price is €450 per person, price includes 2 nights, bed and breakfast in shared accomodation, with an evening meal on Saturday night and 6 workshops/classes.
Booking your place:
Booking your place for this retreat is super easy. Simply use the PayPal link below to pay your non-refundable booking deposit of €200. Since it is non-refundable, make sure you've double checked dates before you book in. This deposit will secure your place. If you need other option than PayPal get in touch with me directly.
Use this bookin link to reserve your palce:
Once your bookig has been processes I'll be in touch via e-mail (give me 24-48hrs) with more details.
The full amount is due September 30th 2016.