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'To be free is to be happy. To be happy is to be free'

Sibylle is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and founder of the Yoga Lodge in Peissenberg. After she finished her B.A. in international business, she moved to Dublin, Ireland where she worked in corporate strategy and marketing for a number of years. It was during those years when she was introduced to yoga and began to travel the world to study with master teachers such as David Life, Sharon Gannon, David Swenson, Kino MacGregor, Elena Brower, Manorama and others.

She was astonished by its impact on her life; something began to shift deep inside of her. Powered by that experience Sibylle decided to pass those teachings on and became a certified Yoga teacher in 2005. She went on to study directly under master teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York and received her Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Certification in May 2009. Since then Sibylle qualified as a massage therapist, a La Stone Therapist and continues to deepen her studies in alignment based Yoga Systems. After teaching several years in Dublin she moved back to her hometown where she opened the Yoga Lodge, a local yoga studio in southern Germany. She now divides her time between Germany and Ireland where she continues to teach classes, workshops & retreats.

Sibylle's classes are challenging, dynamic and precise. Known for her passionate and down-to-earth style of teaching, Sibylle integrates flowing sequences, precise alignment, meditation, intention and the philosophical aspects of yoga. Her classes are designed to make you laugh, sweat and continuously re-discover your own potential. It is her intention to inspire your heart to create tangible change on and off the yoga mat, so you can live your life with more health & happiness.

Besides group classes Sibylle also teaches private yoga lessons. These are an ideal way to receive personalised instruction. Highly beneficial for those recovering from injury or requiring special attention i.e. back pain, the focus can be therapeutic or simply a great way to fine tune your asana practice. 

Sibylle teaches in English and German.


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