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In my Personal Astrology ReadingsI'd be honoured to translate your personal energetic blueprint and help you discover how to consciously activate and nuance those forces in order to co-create with life more powerfully. ASTROLOGY teaches and invites us to refine awareness around our own energetic blueprint and how to best weave it into the current zeitgeist so as to SKILFULLY AND ARTFULLY CO-CREATE with life's great forces. Your NATAL CHART holds insight into your most potent capacities, patterns and energetics, which when discovered and consciously engaged with become powerful agents of change in your own life.

My ASTROLOGY READINGS last for 90min, are held online via zoom and you'll receive audio and video recordings as well as a personalised pdf guide to help you integrate what we've covered at home. You can expect a warm-hearted comprehensive and deeply grounded approach. Readings are €100.

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These Monthly Blueprint Sessions (MBS) are designed for anyone who is curious about understanding their own Astrology in a group environment.

In a supper approachable way you get to learn about the basics of Astrology and how to read your own chart so that you can work with your own dynamics to create a satisfyingly authentic and meaningful life. 

I’m aiming at keeping it tangible and relevant, without watering down Astrology’s depthSo if you’re curious about discovering hidden potentialities, exploring growth pathways, freeing up some stagnation and discovering ways in which you can move out of conditioning and back into alignment, then these Blueprint Sessions are for you.

Each is a standalone class in a super relaxed and non-intimidating environment. You can attend the live session via zoom or watch the recordings afterwards. You can, but don't have to, actively participate, ask questions or simply just enjoy listening and bathing in the experience.


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Prerequisites: No experience in Astrology needed. However, a reading with me prior is needed. (Book a reading)

Pricing: €15 

Once a month, Mondays, 7-8pm