Why have an Astrology Reading?

I believe we all are incredibly unique beings. We all have layers of dimensionality and potential, some untapped and some already well utilised. Astrology is a way of exploring and bringing awareness to our uniqueness. It can help us refine those aspects we already are familiar with and shed light to parts that we didn't even know existed.

If you want to learn about Astrology and your own Natal Chart in a group environment, then check out my monthly BLUEPRINT SESSIONS, which are a great place to dive into your dynamics in your own time. These aren't as in depth and personalised as any of my Astrology Readings but are more affordable and a good place to explore whether my work resonates with you.


If you are ready to explore what Astrology truly has to offer, then my one on one ASTROLOGY READINGS, are possibly for you.

The DESIGN GUIDE - a personal manual
ASTROLOGY SESSIONS - private deep dives
BLUEPRINT SESSIONS - astrology workshops