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Hi, I'm BiBi. I'm a modern, western, archetypal Astrologer, working with Whole Sign Houses.

I specialise in Natal Chart Readings, particularly through the lens of self-discovery, awareness and potential.

My approach to Astrology is intended to be uplifting, practical and actionable. My intention is to empower you to see yourself in a fresh light, moving through life with more presence, love and potency. 

You can work with me in a couple of different ways:



This is the perfect, light touch, entry session and an amazing gift for a friend or loved one. Super brief, digestible and filled with tons of practical take-aways. We isolate and focus only on the energies of Your Big Three (your Sun, Moon and Ascendant) placements. You learn about your natural strengths, how to best nourish your system and how to create environments so your daily life has flow & ease.
20min | 1:1 sessions via zoom + recording | €40


Together we unpack the details and nuances of your birth chart into digestible pieces in order to discover what passions, talents, gifts and flairs you're already tapping into and where your hidden possibilities, blindspots and resistances may lie. These sessions are curated to be super uplifting and empowering, and designed to assist and supplement your personal journey through self-awareness, inner growth, and consciously living into your fullest expression.
You can book these regularly or
whenever you go through bigger changes in your life such as a new job, move to a new place or find yourself in a new relationship as your chart reveals different aspects at different times in your life. Having regular natal chart readings will give you a really nuanced and powerful understanding of your Self and your growth process.
60min | 1:1 sessions via zoom + recording €100


These are only available to people who have already had a natal chart reading with me.
Once a year, around your birthday! These sessions use specific techniques to give you insights into what energies you’ll have access to during your next trip around the sun. You can think of it as the 'style' your soul is wearing for that particular year and the kind of experiences that come with it. If you want to understand and focus your energies in practical ways, manifest consciously and work with, instead of against, the natural flow of life, these sessions are gold.

45min | 1:1 sessions via zoom + recording |€85


Together we unpack what energies, opportunities and personal growth portals are available in a given timeframe, usually 6-12month intervals. These sessions are super helpful if you want to grow in touch with the natural oscillations of your life. Basically, book these sessions whenever you feel you need a wider, more nuanced understanding of what's currently going on.
There are always doors that open, doors that close, aspects to be healed, potential to be freed up. In these sessions we not only unpack what's ripe & ready for you but you also get a timeline, so you can organise your personal growth and manifest in alignment with greater dynamics.
These sessions are best booked whenever your intuition calls you but also around collective watershed moments such as the New Year, Equinoxes & Solstices. 

45min | 1:1 sessions via zoom + recording | €85

'Ultimately all of my offerings are intended to have a more soulful approach to life, growing wiser & kinder in how we embody ourselves, see others with more understanding and be in a conscious relationship with all of life.'

Booking Process:
I like personal contact, so we do this a little less autimated.
Use the link beside each offering to pay for your session. Once PayPal payment has come through I'll be in touch via e-mail (make sure to check the email that is associated with your PayPal account, check spam and junk folders, too).

At that point, we organise an appointment, you can give me your birth details ( time, place, date) and also give me any information on your intention for our session.
I found that having this light touch connection ahed of time is setting the tone for and the efficiency of our session. I'm truly excited to sit with you!

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