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I believe in a down-to-earth and passionate style of teaching.

My classes seamlessly interweave flowing sequences, precise alignment cues, meditation, intention and the philosophical aspects of yoga into an experience that I feel, creates a potent shift in boy, mind & soul.


My classes are challenging, dynamic and precise. They are delicately designed to make you laugh, sweat and continuously re-discover your own potential.


They are a place where you can slow down and re-connect to what’s truly important to you. At the core of every one of my offerings lies my intention to inspire your heart to live life with courage, openness and integrity.


I truly believe in questioning rules and preconceptions, in scratching on the surface just to see what lies beneath. I believe in quiet confidence and breaking out of the rut race. I believe in relying less on others’ opinions and trusting more on your own gut feeling. I believes in the power of community and the importance of having your tribe. I believe in exploring life and living it on your own terms.


I know that touching our toes or pressing into handstand alone won’t change our lives, unless we are willing to also look at our attitudes.


My classes are designed to offer you a space where you get to explore and connect to your own true north.


A place beyond judgement, comparison and competition where you get to work in your own time on whatever needs attention in your life. Loving nudges of encouragement help you find your own inner voice of wisdom and grow clarity in how you truly want to live your life.



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