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a space for deep nourishment & inner alignment



| in person Reiki class

Saturdays 11am, The Space Between, Dublin

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A weekly class that is effective and grounded.

Breathwork, Restorative + Reiki flow into a 60min experience that is designed to soothe your nervous system and create deep rest + restoration across all levels of your body, mind & energy household. 

This is the class for you if you are

- nursing an old injury

- recovering from illness 

- pregnant

- curious about energy work

- interested in supplementing intense physical practices

It’s a place to deeply relax and let your body come back into its own strength. A place for your mind to reset and find its own natural stillness.


It is an environment, designed to catalyse inner with the outer alignment, so there can be a greater level of coherency throughout your entire system.


A deliciously calm class that leaves you feeling nourished, grounded and clear.

20min Restorative | 10min Breath | 30min Reiki

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