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a space for deep nourishment & inner alignment



30min, in-person treatment, €50

Tenohira is a 30min, individual Reiki treatment, designed to catalyse your own healing powers by calming your brain activity, soothing your heart and letting your body's energies re-balance themselves.
This is a warm & welcoming space, away from daily distractions and stresses, where you can drop in deep and remember your own inner light. The beauty is, that there is nothing you actually have 'to do'.

The treatment itself has an immediate effect, meaning that the moment you sit up, you feel different in your body. 
However, when done regularly, i.e. monthly, Tenohira builds a robust yet incredibly open energy body, similar in the way we can build muscle memory, and you will start to live your life from this robust yet open inner state. Think of making decisions, setting your goals and interacting with your loved ones from a place of grounded openness instead of a fractured, frazzled and dispersed sense of Self.

Tenohira is a core pilar in the traditional Japanese Reiki System. There are other practices you can do at home, which I share in my workshops and classes.

Tenohira compliments a Yoga practice incredibly well and I would recommend to anyone who practices yoga to at least try it once.

Wednesdays 7:30pm + Saturdays 11am,
The Space Between, Dublin


| group classes

The PRACTICE - zoom.jpg

A weekly class that is effective and grounded.

Breathwork, Restorative + Reiki flow into a 60min experience that is designed to soothe your nervous system and create deep rest + restoration across all levels of your body, mind & energy household. 

This is the class for you if you are

- nursing an old injury

- recovering from illness 

- pregnant

- curious about energy work

- interested in supplementing intense physical practices

It’s a place to deeply relax and let your body come back into its own strength. A place for your mind to reset and find its own natural stillness.


It is an environment, designed to catalyse inner with the outer alignment, so there can be a greater level of coherency throughout your entire system.


A deliciously calm class that leaves you feeling nourished, grounded and clear.

20min Restorative | 10min Breath | 30min Reiki

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