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out in new format from April

on hold for now

a digital weekly class, recorded for you to nourish, clarify and elevate YOU

30min Movement | 10min Breath | 10min Reiki | 10min Astrology

We start with movement to create activation, cohesion & ease across the entire body.

Then we utilise Breathwork to flush out stagnation, rebalancing our nervous system so we can be present with our loved ones and at home within ourselves

We close out with some quiet time and reflection work so you can process and integrate. This part is loosely informed by the weekly Astrology, so you can work with the energies and create your week from a place of intentionality.

Weekly Class Schedule

The PRACTICE - zoom.jpg

6:00pm | YOGA (studio*)
7:30pm | YOGA + MEDITAITON (studio*)

10:00am | YOGA (studio*)


 9:00am | HOME PRACTICE (online)
11:00am | REIKI (studio*)

* please book all studio classes directly with


I like to teach classes that are deliciously slow, powerful and meditative.
I find details, nuances and layers incredibly fascinating and encourage you to explore those with curiosity.
My sequences are informed by biomechanics and body energetics which means your body gets to unfurl in the most organic, un-rushed and enjoyable way.
Focus always lies on soothing the nervous system first, in order to expand your natural capacities.
My hope is you find the practice transformative, nourishing and exciting.
Even though we work with the intention always is to 
elevate the spirit.

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