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My name is BIBI (Sibylle) and I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years.

I’m a certified coach, qualified meditation teacher, massage therapist, retreat facilitator and co-founder of The Art of Teaching, a 200hrs foundational yoga teacher training. I have been mentoring teachers since 2012 and offer a range of classes, workshops and retreats for students of all levels.


In 2011, I opened the first yoga studio in my hometown of Germany, triggering a now thriving yoga community of students and teachers.


Yoga Alliance has afforded me the highest level of certification and teaching experience by their international standards and has qualified me as one of their official continuous education facilitator.


My never ending hunger for travel and learning has allowed me to internationally train with some of the most experienced and well reflected mentors & teachers in places like New York, Munich, Berlin and London but I'm equally interested in learning from everyday people, their ways, their culture. Some of my biggest insights have come from living side by side with locals in Morocco, Indonesia and the world over.


I’ve received the revered 300hrs Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Qualification as well as the thought after 300hrs OM Yoga Meditation & BreathWork Teacher Qualification along with a variety of supplementing diplomas and certifications.


I began my studies in Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson, Lino Miele and Kino MacGregor, was blessed to have studied Jivamukti Yoga with David Life, Sharon Gannon and Gabriela Bozic, Anusara Yoga with Tara Judelle, Amy Ippolitti, Christina Sell and Barbra Noh and trained in various forms of current yoga expressions with a wide variety of international teachers including Meghan Currie and Elena Brower and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. 


My never ending interest in Anatomy that borderlines obsession at times is deeply influenced by the works of Tom Myers, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Alexander Lowen.


The DESIGN GUIDE - a personal manual
ASTROLOGY SESSIONS - private deep dives
BLUEPRINT SESSIONS - astrology workshops
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