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This alignment training is open to all and offers you a place to refine your understanding around movement, your body and the physical yoga practice.

Three 12hrs modules offering you a place to understand the technical, symbolic and energetic aspects of your physical yoga practice.

Whether you want to prepare for a Teacher Training, elevate your teaching skills or simply deepen your own practice, this is the place to do so in an encouraging, life affirming and all-inclusive environment.

Who is this training for:
This training is ideal if you want to prepare for a teacher training, refine your current teaching skills or simply deepen your own practice.
What you can expect:
An experience that pairs intellectual understanding of poses with personal somatic awareness, resulting in increased confidence in your own body's ability to move well and feel good. 

Each weekend modules is designed for you to have a visceral, intellectual and energetical understanding of the material. We cover detailed asana alignment, movement principles, learning to read bodies in space, moving with deeper awareness, partner-work & assists.

Each module works with the entire body but has a specific anchor theme, poses, anatomy (physical & energetic) & movement principle.
Module One - Lower Limbs & Body
Module Two - Upper Limbs & Body
Module Three - Central Axis & Periferies

Beyond lineage:
This training draws from a range of lineages such as Katonah, Anusara and Jivamukti Yoga but is not limited to them, instead uses them to help you gain a fuller perspective of your actual capacity.

Module One - July 30/31
Module Two - August 27/28
Module Three - September 24/25

Single Module €225
Two Modules 
€410 (10% discount)
Full training €540 (20% discount)

Timelines & Breaks:
Saturdays: 1-8pm
Sundays: 12-7pm

There will be a 60min break, roughly half way through each day and several shorter brakes throughout.

YogaDublin, Ranelagh, Dublin

Origins of this training:
I've originally designed this training because I wanted to offer something that helps to close the gap between regular classes and teacher trainings.
Currently, if someone is serious about their yoga practice, the only way to access concise and high quality education ('deepen their practice') is to sign up for a full teacher training, even if that person has no intention to become a teacher.
This structural issue in the yoga world usually forces people into a hefty investment of money, time and energy or resigning to drop-in classes and piece-mealing their growth. This training is my first contribution towards closing this gap and amplifying the potency of our practice for everyone.