Natal Astrology

ASTROLOGY teaches and invites us to refine our awareness around our own energetic blueprint and how to best weave it into the current zeitgeist so as to SKILFULLY AND ARTFULLY CO-CREATE with life's great forces. Astrology can give you insight into your most potent capacities, patterns and energetics, which when discovered and consciously engaged with become powerful agents of change in your own life.

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These Monthly Blueprint Sessions are designed for anyone who is curious about understanding their own Astrology.

In a supper approachable way you get to learn about the basics of Astrology and how to read your own chart so that you can work with your own dynamics to create a satisfyingly authentic and meaningful life. More info HERE.


Human Design offers a clear and concise pathway to understanding your own uniqueness. It teaches us about our own internal geometry and how highly individual our mechanics really are, so that we can act in a way that is in deep alignment with who we really are.

These workshops are designed to be an entryway into this incredible system, both super accessible yet layered with dimensionality. Absolutely no previous experience is necessary. More info HERE

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A 30+ page, once off, hand crafted manual that is designed uniquely for you, to help you step into the flow of life by leveraging your unique mechanics.

It is a personalised guide to help you translate your specific Human Design into life.

Practical steps, potent information and a beautiful design flow into a manual that is accessible, inspiring and here to empower. Find out more HERE

The DESIGN GUIDE - a personal manual
ASTROLOGY SESSIONS - private deep dives
BLUEPRINT SESSIONS - astrology workshops