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These Astro Breakfasts are a place for you to learn how to read, interpret and work with your own Birth Chart dynamics.

It's about  finding more ease & flow in your life, awakening your true Self and create in alignment with your essence.

I'm opening my home for these workshops to create an environment that is super personal, welcoming and nurturing.

Ideal for complete beginners but also for those who have some Astro understanding and want to expand their perspective.

These workshops teach you the language of Astrology through your own birth chart. Sharing and engaging in conversations around personal experiences will bring Astrology to life in a way that is personal, relatable and easy to digest.

These Astro Breakfasts are intended for you to leverage your own dynamics in a way that feels authentic, free and satisfying.

Each month we focus on different aspects in your chart. You learn how to identify, feed and work with key qualities of your chart in a conscious way. We explore personal growth cycles, timelines and activation. 

In my personal experience, understanding my Natal Blueprint (Birth Chart) has been a game changer in terms of how I work with Growth, Healing, Creativity and Expansion. I now interpret situations differently and understand how I best operate. I found a level of compassion towards myself that allows me to leverage my quirks instead of hiding them and I'm here to share these insights with you in this workshop.

Important: For this workshops you’ll need you birth time, date and pace! You can find your birth time often on birth certificates, hospital records or the national statistics office. If you cannot get an accurate time, contact me ahead of time and I'll try to help you pinpoint it.

Details: 17 September | 9.30-11.30 | Walkinstown, Dublin | €35
As I'm teaching this workshop from my home, there is only a small amount of places.
Once you've booked I'll be sharing with you my address.

Book Here!

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