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with BiBi

A four week, in person, yoga course that will leave you feeling calm, capable and strong in your sense of Self.  More


with BiBi

These 1:1 healing sessions let you reconnect with a deeper sense of Self, so you can remember your light, purpose & potency. More


A very rare newsletter, only going out when new things drop to honour your time & energy.


I am blown away by what I learned in the session. It was so affirming and helpful. - Karen G.

WOW, I seriously took so much from it and it has helped me to really feel grounded in the way I am approaching things with work and other areas too. It felt like a permission slip to go to those depths. - Jenny 

My astrology reading with BiBi was nothing short of extraordinary. Her interpretation of my chart was thought-provoking, insightful and inspirational. - Aleka Woods


A rare and beautiful invitation to step more fully into your life. - Katie

These readings offer a greater awareness of energetic shifts and patterns and help me to orient myself with increased purpose.  - Áine Kerrigan

I really enjoyed the reading, you have such a genuine down to earth nature that made it all so much more accessible. The reading felt so accurate and I could relate completely, which made it so much more potent.  - Erica Tracey

I would recommend a reading by BiBi to anyone who wants to learn about themselves. You will learn things that on one level you always knew, but were missing the language or methodology to express it. - Karen M.

This was such a wonderful experience which has given my personal growth and life journey a direction as it resonated so much with me.  - Lesley Anne

BiBi has such a beautiful energy and it was such an affirming experience. - Karen

BiBi, in her beautiful and gentle way, took such care and time in her explanations It was an incredible experience where I not only learnt only learnt about astrology and my chart, but also about who I am and the possibilities I have.  - Caoimhe O'Malley

It was such a revealing and awe inspiring experience; truly amazing.  - Katie McGuire

She is so generous with her knowledge and experience and passes this on in such a caring manner. It feels quiet empowering to now begin to understand myself in a very new way, Realising what I can do to better nourish myself and work to find more balance and clarity in the world around me.  - Hannah Buckley

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