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Aries Full Moon Portal

Full Moon in Aries 9.10.22

What’s driving you? Your passion or your wounding? Your heart or your ego?

Every Full Moon plays our polarities. A time where ‘what shouldn’t go together’ gets a chance to play with each other. The outcome depends on what we choose to see…’ that which divides us’ or ‘the possibility for a new way of relating the previously unrelatable.

This is why Full Moons can be such creative portals….if only we knew how to interpret and deal with the intensity.

The intensity of a full moon comes from the inner tension when we’re faced with the challenge to not give into either/or scenarios but find a creative ‘third way’. The energy behind the pressure wants to get born into a new expression, something that hasn’t been there or done yet, at least to this degree.

However, if we don’t have the awareness, then all this energy is being fuelled into ‘crazy’ and that’s where the full moon gets its ‘bad rep’ from.

The Aries Full Moon holds together the seemingly opposing energies of me vs you. On a low vibration it feels like lukewarm compromises and zero-sum-games. On a higher level it is an energy that creates win-win scenarios where your personal passion fuels something that is bigger than yourself.

So this certainly is a time to check whether your heart is still in it….A time to remember your initial ‘WHYs’…A time to course correct if the ego has taken you into crazy-land (happens to all of us 😉)

For some of us this Moon will clarify the things that are no longer for us. There can be a parting energy which can bring up some sadness and grief but can equally feel clarifying, even freeing.

Communication is a big element here. Being diplomatic without losing your own position, listen more to truly understand and being OK with when the other truly has a better idea. Ultimately it’s about bringing more beauty into the world through your ideas or by supporting others.

With Chiron so close to the Moon there can be hidden pain surfacing.

We can feel a little extra sensitive, vulnerable and be triggered by anything and everything.

So make sure you tend to yourself so that your wounding isn’t what drives your life.

Love B


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