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Pisces Full Moon Portal


Full Moon in Pisces 10.9.22

How do you give deeper meaning to the everyday?

How do you pull yourself out of the rut to remember the bigger picture?

What are the little rituals throughout the day that remind you to pause, breathe and see the aliveness that lies in every moment?

Deep in Virgo season we are being reminded to not diminish our experience to only that which is practical, pragmatic & efficient.

The Moon in Pisces pushes us to also see the bigger picture, to dream, to open up.

Mediating those two energies allows us to step into the higher octave of Virgo, the priestess energy!

In our own ways we are being called to anchor down into the everyday that which raises our spirit.

It’s a moment of recalibration.

In very practical terms the question is…

…how can you take what you learn on the yoga mat, off the mat and into your life?

As humans we have to live in the practical world (pay bills, run a household, raise kids, earn money) but if we only focus on that, life gets dry very quickly.

So how can you keep it juicy?

How can you keep the spark alive?

How can you infuse meaning and value into the seemingly most mundane chores?


There are way more layers to this which I’ll be sharing in stories over the coming days, so we can take this energy and roll it forward into our evolution.

With love



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