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Reflections 10-16 October | AstroEnergetics

October 10 | Processing & Integrating Full Moon energies of last night.

This moon certainly brings with it a forward propelling momentum. Going forward it's a great time to re-infuse all of your projects with genuine passion by remembering the big ‘WHY’ behind them all. With this full moon there is an invitation to go about things in a different way. How could that look for you? How can you be less reactive right now and more in alignment with your own heart? In terms of purpose, work and conscious embodiment the question is....How can you use what you’re passionate about to remedy some of the imbalances you see in the world around you. Full Moon Article & Audio here

October 10/11 | Re-awakening the Heart

This energy peaks on 10, however, Chiron opposes Jupiter all week, so no one-day rushes but a steady tending to old wounds so they can heal instead of sabotaging your way forward. More of your passions may surface so make sure you can be be present with yourselves and hear what wants to come through. It's a great energy to transform pain into beauty. Journaling, poetry and heart-felt conversations around what truly matters, are all amazing tools for you to use this energy well.

October 11 | Aligning Words, Actions and Heart's intention

Mercury leaving Virgo and entering Libra means a shift in how you perceive and communicate. There is a forward looking energy, excited about what could be possible. This energy will develop over the coming days but it is a great time to sit down and , get your head out of too much details and connect to bigger concept or the way forward. There is a natural diplomacy energy available but make sure you don't get caught in externalising your power by people-pleasing. There is a distinct difference between making space for other people's needs consciously or trying to keep everyone happy.

October 12 | Shifting the Storyline

Learning to speak about what is possible, your future plans and what gets you out of bed in the morning. This energy also lasts all week and is supportive of moving us out of stagnant and pessimistic energies that we may have internalised as belief systems. It's a small but important step to practice finding the good and giving it words.


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