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Libra New Moon Portal


September 25 | New Moon in Libra

In the wake of Sunday’s New Moon, energies are shifting.

The New Moon was one of several pivoting points that are lined up beautifully to sequentially move us out and forward from this squeeze of the past 18+ months.

There will be one more contraction at the end of October but basically this New Moon is the beginning of a greater shift.

It calls for

- focus & patience

- vision & trust

- action & allowing

Placed at the mid-point of two uncompromising energies, this New Moon has potential to mediate, translate, inform and communicate where previously you may have faced a dead end.

There finally is progressive wiggle room but only if we honour the both/and.

Some of you may have felt caught for too long between

- the old iteration and a new version of you

- rebelling against rules just to crave their safety the next moment

- wanting to start a new business but not knowing how or what exactly

- feeling incredibly dissonant with the old job but not seeing a way out

- feeling frustrated with who has control but confused how to find inner authority

Many of you may have wondered whether to give up…after all, it’s been like this for way too long.

However, I would say, don’t give up so close to the finish line. The energies will dramatically shift later this year but what’s important for now is to pay attention to what has and still is coming through for you during this New Moon Portal, which always goes on way longer than just the exact date.

See what’s tickling you, look for the cracks where the light is coming through.

Look for where mediation is possible. Look for creating space for both, the old and the new, for the familiar and the unknown, and see what may now seem possible that even just last week was a closed door.

Hope this lands with you in exactly the way you need to hear it.

With love



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