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Welcome to December, Sweet Soul.
On this page you will find resources specifically curated to help you alchemise this month's energies, potentialities and openings.


Listen to November Meditation
  • 'Recenter into Capacity'. 10min

  • created specifically for this month's energy

  • for those days when you feel overwhelmed

  • when you have spinning thoughts

  • anchor back into your body

  • calm the inflamed mind

  • reconnect into your capacity to live life well

  • save this link for easy return


November Reflections
  • audio recording, 18min

  • musings & reflections on the current dynamics

  • listen to it on a walk or when you're chilling at home

  • it's layered with gems, so come back often

  • it's evocative & inviting to your own inner genius

  • save this link for easy return



  • pdf to resource you to ask important questions

  • potent journaling prompts around:

  • cyclical re-orientation

  • becoming cosy w/self

  • maximising this month's energies

  • save this link for easy return

We all need reminders, at times,  to not forget that we are built for life, that our true authority lies within us and that we have the capacity to elevate & stabilise the energies in our own lives.
I hope this month's practices & musings serve you as loving reminders of your own creative power.

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