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Cancer Full Moon Portal


January 17th | Full Moon in Cancer

Friends, we have some stellar energies available right now that call us into a moment of pause, reflection & adjustment.

A powerful portal to bring an improved flow of energy between your emotions/needs/self-tending and your daily schedule.

Harmonising inner needs with external life circumstances.

It’s an invitation to refine or recreate how we live our daily life and to check in whether our schedules, engagements and mundane practicalities support or suppress our emotional needs.

Here are some journaling prompts to help you harness some of those energies:

1. How’s my work/life balance working for me right now? What new boundaries could give me some more breathing space?

2. What are my fear & anxiety levels on a daily basis? What is it that I need to say yes/no to in order to feel more secure, stable or protected?

3. In what areas do I want to create change (finish something out/start something new) but feel intimidated to do so? Where do I need to take my power back in order to create a more sustainable & joyful existence?


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